Caique cage setup

Caique parrots are playful, energetic, and funny birds. They need attention, care, and enough space to keep themselves

15 Nov
640px-Rainbow_Lorikeet_(Trichoglossus_moluccanus) FEAUTURED

Lorikeet Types

Lorikeets are medium-sized, exceptionally colorful, and vocal species of parrots. They are found in Australia, southeast

08 Nov
Lovebird Cage

Best Cage for Lovebirds

Cages are the most ignored factor when the adoption of any pet birds is deliberated. Almost nobody thinks about cages the way

23 Feb
Tame Lovebirds

Lovebird Behavior

Lovebirds are one of the most commonly petted parrots across the globe. And as we are reading here, many parrot lovers are

12 Feb
Lovebird eating millet Close Up

Lovebird Diet

Pellets, seeds, fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes. There is so much to offer, that one might get confused on what to serve

12 Feb