How much does Green Cheek Conure Cost, all GCC Mutations Price Check

For those who have just started picking up a liking for pet parrots, a green cheek conure counts as a great choice. This can be accredited to numerous reasons:

  • They are easy-going and thus, are considered great to be a child’s first pet;
  • They are not as large as a Macaw to be difficult to handle and not as small as a budgie to not let you feel like you never owned a big personality;
  • They are considered the most silent conures contrary to the image of the conure family;

And the list goes on.

But what draws many initially to the world of pet parrots is the vivid appearance of these little birds. And those thinking to own just not a playful personality but a mesmerizing blue parrot or a blazing yellow, the green cheek conure species has got everything covered. With six subspecies and numerous color mutations, there is something for everyone. Let’s go through if not all, the most famous green cheek conure colors and their estimated price in varying regions-

Green Cheek Conure and Mutations Price

(Pyrrhura Molinae) Prices at September 2020.

Green Cheek Conure Price– The nominate species would cost anywhere between $250 to $500 depending on factors like the age of the bird, the level of the training imparted to the bird, the breeder, and the human interaction the bird has had. Similarly, the price band in a country like the UK is £100 to £300. In Singapore, the price falls between S$200 to S$350. And in Australia, the breeders or pet stores can charge you somewhere between A$100 to A$400.

Green Cheek Conure Mutations Price

Apart from the six subspecies, there have been numerous color mutations of green cheek conure that are equally famed among the parrot lovers. Here is a list of possibly all of them along with their color markings and estimated price tags across the globe:

Yellow-sided Conure– Looking at this color mutation from the back, it is hard to distinguish a yellow-sided from the original green cheek conure found in the wild. The chest of a yellow-sided is a brighter shade of yellow, the tail is red, the eyes are dark, the feet and beak are pink, unlike the usual dark gray.

Photo Credit: Yang Tang

Yellow-sided Conure Price– A yellow-sided conure costs slightly more than the usual green cheek. Expect to pay a minimum of $200 to $250 for this mutation even from a normal breeder. The mutation gets more premium while adopting from the pet stores.

The Finch Farm have this bird at a price of 579$

Cinnamon Conure– This sex-linked color mutations of green cheek conure has an overall lime green plumage that gets paler on the feathers. The tail feathers are also a lighter shade of maroon. The head and the beak are tanned/brown. The chest is also lime yellow with a red patch, the tail feathers are red, and the beak and feet are pink. Eyes are a shade of ruby red.

cinnamon conure

Price of Cinnamon Conure– A cinnamon conure can cost anywhere between $200 to $250. This mutation happens to rank at par with the yellow-sided one when it comes to price.

Pineapple Conure– Visually a combination of a yellow-sided and a cinnamon conure, a pineapple conure has yellow sides like a yellow-sided conure and a light-colored head like cinnamon conure. The chest is a brighter shade of yellow with a soft red washed barring. The feathers at the back are also lime-colored like a cinnamon conure.

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: therouxdown

Price of Pineapple Conure– This mutation of the green cheek is rarer than the other mutations and can thus, be pricier in most parts of the world. Whether adopted directly from the breeder or the pet store, it costs quite a deal more with around $300 to $500 being just the base price. This price may vary with varying breeders.

Brenda birds have Pineapple GCC for 425$

Turquoise Conure– One of the rarest genetic mutations, the turquoise conure has a subtle sapphire hue all over. The head is a duller shade of blue head and beak. The tail is a duller shade of burgundy with an off-white base. The chest is gray. It is a recessive color mutation and is slightly larger than all the other green cheek mutations.

Price of Turquoise Conure– Being a rare green cheek mutation, the turquoise conure can cost anywhere between $400 to $750 depending on the breeder and the region. have this bird at a price of 579$

American Dilute Conure– This recessive green cheek color mutation seems similar to a Cinnamon mutation with an exception of a darker blue beak and dark feet. The plumage is a light-cream shade throughout. The eyes are dark.

Price of American Dilute Conure– Expect to pay around $500 or more for this color mutation as this one is rarely bred. Also, it is not the easiest to find an American Dilute Conure mutation.

Suncheek Conure– The mutation can be achieved with both recessive and sex-linked breeding techniques. The crown and head are of a pastel shade. The chest is orangish-yellow. The back is lime colored. The tail feathers are a brighter shade of orangish-red and the flight feathers are also a lighter shade of blue giving a platinum tinge. The wings are pale yellow. The eyes are red and the feet and beak white.

Price of Suncheek Conure– This mutation has been successfully achieved by only some selective breeders and hence the price remains extremely driven by the wish of the specific breeder. There is no set price of this mutation, however, a few people have paid an upward of $700 to have this mutation.

Summing Up

With all these varying colors and a few more like the Muted or Ghost Green Cheek Conure, Red-faced Pineapple, or Red-faced Suncheek, breeders are always trying to achieve new never-seen-before green cheek mutations. Contrary to the belief, there are no behavioral changes in a natural green cheek conure and the one who belongs to the color mutation category. They all are fun-loving and playful birds.

That said, some complex mutations must be performed only by experienced breeders. For example, a Ghost Green Cheek Conure mutation is achieved by breeding a Turquoise with Cinnamon Green Cheek. If the pair isn’t selected carefully, strange behavioral traits surface. Thus, achieving a color mutation is a work of an experienced breeder and that also happens to be the right place to adopt a green cheek from.


Prices of Conures were taken at September of 2020. Prices may have changed since then.

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