Cutest Parrot Breeds (with Pictures)


When we talk about parrots, the names that crop up in everyone’s minds are African Gray, Amazon, or Macaw. And add the word ‘cute’ to our searches, we stay limited to the Sun Parakeet, Parrotlets, or the colorful Rosellas. They are cute, for sure, but they aren’t the only ones belonging to the club. There are many more options than that to choose from. And here’s the list that’ll make you bring at least one of them home if you’re on the verge of bringing a cute parrot home. So, let’s get started.


They are one famous cute parrot species, with multiple subspecies and mutations to pick from. Falling under the genus Agapornis, literally translating to love (Agape) bird (Ornis) in Greek, it would be practically impossible to find a bird lover who wouldn’t have heard about these little colorful fluff balls. And there ain’t one, they are a whole bunch of mesmerizing colorful species to choose from. It also happens to be the beginner pet parrot/bird for many. And not one but at least, two of them are usually adopted together. This is because they hate to be alone and want company almost all the time. So, if you can be that ‘company’, you can always have a single lovebird.

Other than the time devotion, they are an easy-to-keep parrot species. The small size of around just 5 inches or so; basic diet of fruits, seeds, and pellets; they never feel like a pet addition to the family that demands fancy things to live and eat. That said, they would surely need a spacious cage fitted with all kinds of toys and perches to stay entertained. And to keep their human companions entertained, they are known to possess excellent singing skills. They are always whistling new tunes all day long by learning them all from their surroundings.

Little helpful tip

As a tip, if you are planning to strike a bond with your pet lovebird, adopt just a single bird. Lovebirds tend to ignore their human companions completely if they get the company of one of their own. And no matter what, it would be almost impossible to break the ice ever and form a good bond.

dusky Lory
Dusky Lory, Credit: Crisco 1492, CC BY-SA 4.0

Dusky Lory

A mesmerizing banded plumage of striking orange and black, just looking at a Dusky Lory would make you want this bird in your family ASAP. Fondly called ‘Duskies’, their exotic markings make them unforgettable. Measuring around 10 inches, they are just another small-sized parrot that isn’t difficult to care for. A perfect balance of love, care, and a good diet can help these birds to be your loyal companion for almost 3 decades. And sometimes, more than that.

Apart from their color pattern, what makes Duskies cute is their antiques and talking abilities. They are always up to devise a new trick or pull a prank on you. Lock them up and they’ll find the way to escape within no time. This is the reason which has earned them a moniker of ‘escape artists’. But this also brings up the responsibility on your part to keep an eye on them, for their safety, of course. Do not forget to cuddle them or snuggle up to them as this happens to be their favorite way of bonding.

Little helpful tip

An extremely important and unusual tip to keep this species happy is feeding them nectar. This is because Duskies have a brush-like tongue that helps them suck the nectar from flowers while they forage in the wild. It happens to be their favorite food and they can sometimes suck nectar from more than 600 flowers in a day. So, just for this cute little parrot, add a high-quality nectar brand to the platter.



Probably one of the cutest and smallest parrots on the list, Budgies are a proud owner of the ‘most petted parrot in the world’. And the reason is justified with their colorful appearance and playful persona. Measuring just 7-8 inches covered in a beautiful mix of green and yellow plumage, their black scallops on the back earn them special recognition from the swarm of green parrot species. Budgie color mutations have received equal love from all the bird lovers, especially the Blue Budgie mutation.

But this is not all this cute parrot has to offer. Budgies are great companion parrots with playful and affectionate personalities. And the entertainment factor they bring on board is not to be missed. Great mimics and awesome tricks, they know how to win hearts in an instant. With a lifespan of around 10-12 years, they are neither gone too early nor left unattended for long after their owner is gone. And the best part? They are great beginner parrots which makes the kids of the family befriend easily to take care of them for their lifetime.

Little helpful tip

As a tip, just do not isolate the bird and ensure his happiness all the time by giving him enough company on a typical day. They are prone to depression caused by loneliness.


Native to the land of Kiwis, this New-Zealander has earned a lot of love from parrot lovers across the globe. Small-sized at around 11 inches, dark-green plumage with a customary red on the head, crown, and under-eyes, Kakarikis can be termed as similar to Budgies when it comes to categorizing parrots for maintenance purposes. Thus, they very well are great beginners’ parrots for many.

But one hardly hears the word ‘Kakariki’ for a green-colored parrot as the naturally-occurring parrot is not generally adopted. It is the mutation of this parrot that has made him famous in recent years. And the two most popular ones are the Yellow mutation and the Pied one.


But looks aren’t the only thing that makes us cute, right? So, how are Kakarikis when it comes to being a companion bird? The answer is ‘they are even cuter’. Their goofy nature and ability to learn new tricks daily are the two main reasons bird lovers find them amusing. And with a lifespan of around 15 years, they have been known to make your life sun for sure.

Little helpful tip

To help you bond quickly with your Kakariki here’s an easy tip: Kararikis love water and hate to miss their baths. Bathing times, if made real fun, can double as a bonding time with your bird. Fill up the sink and see them having the time of their lives, DAILY.


An eclectic mix of bright pink, reddish-pink, and gray, Galahs belong to the Cockatoo family. Their bright colors break the otherwise famed monotony of whites and greys of Cockatoo parrots. Though small for a Cockatoo, they are otherwise mid-sized parrots measuring around 14 inches. And the customary crest is inherent like any other family tradition. A beautiful soft pink mobile crest has earned this fame more love than everything else combined. And why shouldn’t it? It makes him look even cuter.

Galah, Credit : Sardaka, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Those petting Galahs claim to have bowled over not only their beauty but brains too. Yes, these color balls are intelligent species known to take their speech training very seriously and learn to talk quickly. And the tricks? They like them complex. Maybe because they are inherently hardy birds in their habitat and probably like challenges indoors too. Though these birds are sensitive and love to have company, they aren’t the cuddly types. So, form your bond for over 70 years with this bird sans any cuddles and snuggles.

Little helpful tip

For those living in apartments and now planning to bring a Galah home, here’s some bad news. ‘Galah’ meaning ‘loud-mouthed’ in the native Australian, are true to their names. They are noisy birds and can be a real nuisance for the neighbors. And for others planning on adoption, make sure to let the kids of the family form a great bond too as the species has been known to live way past their owners. So, there must be someone after you to care for them and love them, right?



Though termed as a small parrot species, when compared to budgies, Cockatiels aren’t that small. They can be anywhere between 11 to 14 inches. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t cute. They look like a gray canvas beautified with a pastel crest fitted atop. The light-colored face with a flushed mark on the cheek helps highlight their facial features. But if you aren’t a fan of the color, go for any Cockatiel color mutation: pearl, white-faced, pied, lutino, et al.

And to be a great companion, they have an extremely gentle and cuddly behavior. They are also great mimics; from ringing doorbells to buzzing microwaves, they copy them all, well. If you’re going to be adopting a parrot for the first time, Cockatiels would make your experience sweeter with their mellowed down nature. All the effort put in that human-bird bond doesn’t even feel wasted with them going to be around for the next 25 years. The only demand of theirs’ is your abundant time. And when you’re not around, give them A LOT of toys.

Little helpful tip

More than a tip, a warning of sorts is that Cockatiels are infamous for creating a lot of bird dust. So, if someone in the house has respiratory issues, you might need to install a HEPA filter around the bird’s cage.



It is impossible to compile a list of cute parrots without Caiques on it. Bring up a ‘Caique’ with a parrot aficionado and he’ll crack up, just at the thought of this bird. And if he would ever have had it, you’ll have a gala time laughing hearing this bird’s antiques. Officially known as the ‘clown of the parrot kingdom’, cute is just a fraction of the words needed to describe Caiques. They are fun, playful, goofy, social, active, curious, and everything that one wants in a companion bird.

Measuring around 9 inches, they aren’t as demanding when it comes to size. But they would still need a large cage, given their energy levels. Equip it well with every possible toy out there. And if you find them, laying them on their back, straight and motionless, don’t be afraid. They are not dead. It’s just their way of having fun and simultaneously scaring their human to death. Have a black-headed or a white-headed one, they are all fun and cute. There are a few mutations too, like Par-blue, but they are rare and almost impossible to find.

Little helpful tip

The best tip, rather a precaution, about this parrot is that they aren’t a beginner’s parrot. This is because they are too dominant and don’t like to put their foot down easily. So, tame and train them from day one before the things slip out from your hands. Just be gentle and use positive reinforcement.

Related Questions

What is the friendliest parrot?

There are a few parrot species that are more friendly and affectionate than the rest. And it is even easier to bond with and tame them. A few of them would be Quakers, Cockatiels, Parrotlets, African Greys, and Budgies.

What is the least expensive parrot?

Budgies are the least expensive parrots in the world. One can have them even for as less as $15 depending on which part of the world one is in. Even the upper range of the bird can’t be termed as ‘expensive’. A few other parrots that come closer in the range are Cockatiels and Lovebirds with some of their subspecies being as cheap as $50.

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