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Quaker parrot name origin

The word “Quaker”, which could also mean “tremor”, originates from the behavior that is observable in babies of Quaker parrots. Quaker babies do nothing less than shake their whole body when fed by their parents or a breeder. This juvenile behavior is very different from what can be seen in other parrots. Someone who is not used to dealing with this species might believe that the bird is seriously ill.

The Quaker parrot is not famous for its colorful plumage. We cannot say as much about its personality! Most of its body is light green and his chest and head are gray. Its beak is horn-colored and its flight feathers are metallic blue. The different captive mutations generated yellow ( lutino ) and blue colored birds; however, they are rare and much more expensive.

It measures on average 29 cm and its healthy weight is between 150 and 220 grams. There is nothing humanly observable to identify whether it is a male or a female. Its longevity in captivity is around 30 years.

Everything you need to know about your Quaker parrot.

Choosing Quaker parrot good names

Most owners, thinking of how to name a Quaker parrot, expect that sooner or later the pet will learn to pronounce its name on its own. That is why many Quaker parrots contain hissing sounds because feathered pets are easier to remember and very funny to interpret such words. Thanks to this property, names like Gosha, Keshi or Dasha are so popular.

If you have a Quaker parrot that is not a speaker, you can choose more complex names for the parrots. So, many modern people try to choose cool names for their pets in honor of their favorite actors, movie characters, singers, or people that their feathered favorites remind.

Since birds have not so pronounced sexual characteristics, first of all, you should probably know the answer to the question, for a boy you pick a nickname or for a girl. You can also try to choose a universal name that is suitable for both male and female. Also often, when pondering what to name a Quaker parrot, newly made owners choose a name based on its external differences and features.

What to call a Quaker parrot

Choose names for parrots containing hissing, as well as the letter “p”. Pay attention to the number of consonants – then the Quaker parrot will be presented in a melody. These bright birds badly pronounce the letters “n”, “m”, “l”, some are not given “s”, “z”, “c”

Names consisting of several words can lead to difficulties in the bird’s perception of its name: if you call it a diminutive and gentle variation of the nickname, the Quaker parrot will get used to it and will not respond to its full name, and vice versa: if the abbreviated form is rarely used, the parrot just won’t remember her.

When choosing names for Quaker parrot, make sure that they are not consonant with the names of family members, so that the bird does not confuse its name with other words. Whatever name you choose, you should not be upset or angry with your parrot if he cannot quickly learn it. Birds, like other animals, must go through a period of adaptation in a new house and begin to repeat after you only when they feel comfortable and safe. Do not try to force the parrot to repeat its name, and even more so – do not overload it with other words for repetition.

The most common quaker parrot names for male

Alex, Diamond, Abrash, Alf, Cupid, Argo, Aristarchus, Arkasha, Archik, Ataman, Ajax, Burt, Fight, Bush, Boss, Borka, Boatswain, Bruce, Valera, Vasya, Vikesha, Whack, Winnie, Volcano, Gosh, Grand, Garrick, Grisha, Hussar, Danko, Dandy, Joe, Dyusha, Johnny, Dick, Egor, Hedgehog, Erosha, Jacques, Jean, Zhigan, Zhigol, Zhora, Zeus, Zenith, Zero,

Marshmallows, Zorro, Igor, Hindu, Yorik, Jiri, Carlo, Carlosha, Kapitosha, Casper, Kane, Kesha, Coco, Crash, Kopusha, Kuzya, Lexus, Lord, Lotus, Fierce, Tycoon, Makar, Max, Milan, Misha, Monya, Narcis, Nick, Nord, Spark, Eagle, Ozzy, Orion, Oscar, Ostap, Pamir, Patrick, Pegasus, Petya, Pitti, Motley, Prince, Fluff, Pierre, Rio, Rubik, Roger, Ginger, Roma,

Samurai, Signor, Stesha, Octopus, Sultan, Tagir, Typhoon, Tima, Trio, Timur, Tishka, Topaz, Troy, Thrash, Umka, Hurricane, Pharaoh, Pharaoh, Phoenix, Felix, Frank, Funtik, Hassan, Hild, Hippy, Charlie, Lapwing, Chizhik, Charlie, Sherkhan, Chef, Bumblebee, Shrek, Shurik, Elon, Andy, Herro, Yuji, Yudik, Yarosh, Yarik, Yasha.

The best Quaker parrot girl names

Adele, Alice, Aphrodite, Angela, Assol, Ashika, Asya, Squirrel, Betsy, Beni, Britta, Beauty, Venus, Vika, Vita, Wally, Glasha, Gabby, Gressy, Dana, Dasha, Gelika, Judy, Jerry, Judah, Julia, Dune, Eve, Fidget, Eshka, Jeanne, Jerry, Joody, Jolly, Jouge, Jolly, Zara, Zina, Zusa, Zita, Zusya, Isolda, Inza, Ista, Toffee, Katyusha, Kiki, Kitty, Knop, Christy, Kisha, Ksenia, Kat, Lada, Laura, Like, Lady, Lore, Lala, Malvina, Miki, Monica, Fly, Nancy, Natasha, Nessie, Night, Olli, Oda, Orsa, Peppy, Pika, Perry, Pira, Bun, Cougar, Rosa, Rosetta, Ricky, Rozha, Rimma, Rita, Roni, Ruzana, Tanya, Tifani, Tyusha, Tache, Tutti, Sabrina, Sarah, Sandra, Ulli, Ursa, Ulya, Farina, Fury, Fairy, Flory, Franta, Hanni, Khibina, Hannah, Holly, Queen, Cera, Tsusya, Zilla, Chaga, Chang, Chacha, China, Chucha, Sheri, Shure, Elvira, Era, Elsa or Elle.

Name ideas for Quaker parrot other names

You must find a name as sweet and pleasant to listen to as when you taste a caramel. Indeed, taking into account the fact that the parrot is very young, we need a name that is nice and pretty to listen to. Here are the names for baby parrot:

Abe, Akane, Alma, Ambert, Anabelle, Ariane, Artemis, Beautiful, Birdo, Buzz, Bynx, Calyoppé, Chanel, Chikie, Clyde, Cleo, Cleopatra, Itsy, Kerny, Lizie, Miki, girl, Octave, Oly, Ory, Otto, Pistachio, Pita, Pixie, punchie, Reina, Rina, Rocket, Rocky, Rudy, Salem, Samson, Sarafine, Sena, Suzaku, Suzie, Teddy, Tiki, Tinker, Val, Wally, Waxo, Willow, Yakky, Yako

Names for couples Quaker parrots

If you are considering what name to give a pair of parrots, there are the following popular options:
Bonnie and Clyde, Winnie the pooh, Banana and Kiwi, Kiki and Coca, Cookie tuki, Mickey and Ricky, Terra and Hera, Toshka and Totoshka, Chacha and Chichi.

Do not forget in thought about how best to name your Quaker parrot, that names for parrots should be suitable for each specific pet. And, if you have chosen a name before acquiring it, think carefully about whether the chosen name is suitable for your new Quaker parrot.

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